Eslend Concept

febrero 2nd, 2013

New Direction 2013

dotSpiral is going in a new direction.

It will now only concern project updates that dotSpiral will try to surround itself in.

The site will have see changes to the design and layout.

Most of the old personal post made by Anri are archived and are still available for access. Unfortunately, not search friendly.

Stay tune!

diciembre 23rd, 2012

It has been a while

Over a year and a few months. I have not made any updates here.

It might continue that way, but let’s wait and see.

What kind of direction will dotSpiral take?



  • A manga of a sad world, cold and frozen, people wearing mask, and a land foreign to one man who does not remember a thing


  • A Wordpress plug-in to help you host your own Manga or Comic library. It can also be used as a portfolio.