febrero 26th, 2009

What Twitter can really do for YOU

It has been a month since I’ve been using twitter, and I am getting addicted to it.

Initially, twitter looks like a micro blogging tool, but it is more than that.

If you have read all the fust on twitter, and still have no idea on how to use it: BEHOLD!
I will hold your hand and walk you across the street like a little girl 😀

One: Twitter may be used as a Micro-Blog
You can tell twitter every little thing you do, and people will follow you just because they are interested in what a person in any career does.

Which bring us to number two.
Twitter provides news for you.

Just like people can follow you, you should follow other people.

 Anraiki's (My) Favriote Twits

Anraiki's (My) Favriote Twits.Get good info or humor out of other people

Imagine your hero (if you have one) had twitter, it would be very interesting to know what he or she does to improve his or her life.

Or, you have a career you’re striving towards to, and someone on twitter is already successful in your dreams. Following that person will most likely yield less bumps in the road to be successful in your career.

And Remember this successful motto?

Surround yourself with successful people, and you will have no choice to be successful

Well… just as you follow your favorite (successful) people, you will be follow (w/ success) too.
Which brings us to: Marketing and Promoting.

As a person who micro-blogs, we also have the ability to market and promote anything.

You can make small tweets about your products or services, and your followers will be presented as possible clients or consumers. (Don’t do it too often, some people will look at you a money hungry person if you just market products all day long…)

Generally, you should be promoting yourself or your products, but hey, share the fame and promote other people as what goes around does come around :)

But how are we going to get them followers?

Generally, I believe if you use twitter, people are just going to find you and just follow you, but also, having a leverage of traffic to your twitter makes a difference.

So if you have facebook, myspace, a blog: make them point to your twitter.

What now? Oh yea… Meet people!
If you befriend people who are local to you, chances are they going to invite you to places.
So… like go to Parties? Mingle with some enemies? Maybe find that perfect someone? Yes, yes, yes.

And lastly, get free stuff 😀

If it’s free, it’s for me!

John Chow got free drinks, so…. I want some free drinks <_< !
But not only that, free food too!

To overview what I covered:
1. Micro-Blogging
2. Marketing and Self-Promoting
3. News-Media
4. Meet People
5. Get Free Stuff

Though, I can go on forever, because twitter is like pudding, we can shape it to be whatever we want it to be!

Twitter is like RSS 3.0 with a whole lot of awesome.

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